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Detail from the 1868 'Sun Picture' of the Rectory, showing the Rector, the Rev. Arthur Empson, leaning casually in his doorway.

Syd Tyrrell relates how Arthur Empson made his money as a 'merchant in China', who at the age of 30 felt called to God. He was 34 by the time he was ordained, married and came to Eydon, where he was greatly respected, even by the nonconformists. By the time of this photo, the first of anyone in Eydon, he was 50 years of age and had built this house in 1856, renovated the church in 1865 and probably commissioned the 'Sun Pictures' in 1868. (The Sun Pictures are this one of the Rectory, 2 of the Green, one of Rectory Farmhouse (then part of the Glebe land), 4 of the church and 1 of Eydon Hall.)

Photographer: Mr John Harrington

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Sun Picture, The Rector, 1868

SKU: DK086a

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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