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Schematic of Allotment plots with initials.

East is to the top. The diagonal lines at the base are the paths from the High Street and from the garden of 14 High Street. MC was Mark Cross, who was a very keen gardener and owned one plot from his house at 8 Blacksmiths Lane, and rented 3 others. For many years Mark worked for William Gostick at Fir Hill Farm (at the top of Hill View) as a cowman and general farm labourer. Later he worked as a packer on one of the industrial units being set up on the airfield at nearby Chipping Warden. When he was made redundant in the early 1980s he shot himself in his cottage, which was great shock to the village as he seemed a happy man. JC = Jack Colton who lived at 12 High Street and also owned or rented 4 plots. He can be seen in KL130. FP = Frank Parish, who lived in Jubilee Cottage in the High Street. Frank as a child is shown in KL126 and in later life in KL130 RF = Ronnie Fairbrother, see KL120 and KL130 Still unidentified are: PR, FI, TW, KB, Brown, Bowden? and Butler

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Schematic of Allotment Plots

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