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Reverse of Postcard of St Nicholas Church (IB007)

Addressed to Miss M Bishop, c/o Mrs Garrick, 119 St Aldates Bank, Oxford, and postmarked Byfield, it contains a message many mothers must have sent: ‘I thought I should have heard from one of you before now. Hoping all is well, Mother’ Mother in this case is presumably Emily Bishop, IB003, and who the Miss M Bishop was we are not told, nor do we know who the other ‘one of you’ was.

Nor do we know what they are doing in Oxford - was it a visit - or for a longer stay? St Aldates Bank was where the college servants from Christchurch College lived.

The date is reasonably well pinned down as the stamp was newly issued in time for George V’s coronation in June 1911, but the radical three quarter profile of the King proved unpopular and the stamp was withdrawn in 1912.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs D. Richardson

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Reverse of Postcard IB007

SKU: IB007a

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