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Royal Oak pub on Lime Avenue. Taken not long after WW2, as telegraph pole has prominent white stripes on it from wartime blackout.

'Unconvincing' wording on pub sign (presumably done by photographer on negative) saying: 'The Royal Oak' above 'Hopcroft and Norris Ltd.' Robert Taylor, blacksmith and publican of the Royal Oak, clearly struggling to make the business pay, took out several mortgages in the 1850s, including one in 1855 to Alfred Hopcroft, a brewer of Brackley.

In 1878, when Robert Taylor dies, the various mortgagees take over the pub and lease it to Robert's son-in law William Herbert. Robert's son, Rev. John Taylor, buys out all the other mortgagees other than Hopcroft in 1893, but three years later sells them all to Alfred and Ernest Hopcroft, leaving them sole owners. Hopcroft join with Chesham brewers Norris, who were later taken over by Northampton brewers Phipps (KL034), who in 1960 in turn fell pray to Watneys (KL117).

Postcard, marked 'K Ltd' in space for stamp.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs D. Richardson

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Postcard of Royal Oak

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