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Possibly Mary Ann & William Carey.

Mary Ann was eldest daughter of Edward and Patience Smith. Edward came from Woodford Halse and took over the tailoring business of John Addison, based at what is now 16-18 High Street Eydon, between 1841 and 1876. In 1866 Edward took as an apprentice 14 year old Joseph Tyrrell, from Sulgrave. The Smiths were Methodists, and Edward was a lay preacher. Patience was reputedly a very frugal housewife, allowing only one spoonful of sugar for each person at the table. It was said that the sugar spoon was beaten nearly flat so that it held only a minute amount!

The Careys lived in Northampton but their eldest daughter, Flora often stayed with the Smiths and went to school for a period in Eydon. She will have met the Smith's apprentice, Joe Tyrrell and they became engaged as he finished his apprenticeship. The photo was taken outside with a sheet covering the brick wall just seen at the floor.

Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL082 | KL085876.

Mary Ann & William Carey(?), 1870s

SKU: KL081

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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