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Kath Edwards, youngest daughter of Sid & Lucy Edwards, seen here in her school uniform on her bike.

Kath went to Brackley High school, so probably she went by train from Woodford Halse and used the cycle to get to and from to the train station. Families of railway workers like Sid Edwards probably were eligible for concessionary fares.

With the open view, steep slope and kerb stones, this might have been taken on Hill View or on the hill down to Woodford.

It might be a photo of the proud new schoolgirl on her new bike and new uniform, in which case this might be taken in 1938, when she was 11. This is a different bicycle to that decorated as part of the coronation celebrations in 1937.

Photographer: Unknown, Edwards family

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Kath Edwards as a Schoolgirl on her Bike

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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