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Fred and Kate Rogers at Edgcote

This family snap records Fredrick Rogers, the older of the two brothers seen in KL356, who was born at Fawsley in 1878, with his wife Kate at Edgcote. They lived there until 1905, when they returned to Eydon and lived with, or next door to, his parents at 10 High Street, Eydon.

There they raised their five children, Rhoda, Fred, Tom, Mary and Harry. Like his father, Fred was also a shepherd, at least until after 1911, after which he joined the railway, moved to Chipping Warden, and died 1964, aged 86.

In this photo, the clothes seem to suggest a 1930s date, so this was not taken during the early days of their marriage.

Photographer: Unknown

Picture lent by : Mrs Sandra Batchelor

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Fred and Kate Rogers at Edgcote,

SKU: KL358

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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