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Taken on June 28th, 1974 at the Golden Jubilee Dinner at the Village Hall.

Taken from report in a Northampton paper, identifying the ladies as: Standing, from left: Mrs Bessie Tomlin, Mrs Cockram, WI County President, Lady Ford, Mrs Gillian Worters, Eydon WI President, Mrs F. Watson, Mrs Wallace Edwards, Mrs Leonard Golby. Seated from left: Mrs Syd Edwards, Miss Lucy Edwards, Mrs Syd Tyrrell and Miss Mary Kench. Mrs Watson and Mrs (E ) Edwards were founder members and cut the cake.

To celebrate their Golden Jubilee, the WI presented an electric kettle and an electric clock to Mr M. Mildren, chairman of the Village Hall, for use by the Village Hall. "Eydon WI also bought a silver vase, made and inscribed by Mr P. Musgrove, for their own use to commemorate the jubilee." Mrs Tomlin, who lived at 14 High Street, was born Bessie Parish and was the little girl shown at the top of Doctors Lane (KL001) with her family after the fire of 1905. Peter Musgrove, jeweller and silversmith, lived at 1 Doctors Lane. (Press photo, marked in newspaper of July 74 as B/7/65.) Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

Eydon WI Celebrate Their Golden Jubilee, 1974

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