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View of flower beds in sunken garden to the south east of Eydon Hall.

This is a postcard published by M.C.P.L. The front is marked in white EYDON HALL NORTHANTS. Others in the series are seen in AP015 and AP016 and suggest the photos were taken before WW1.

Up to 1910, the Hall would be home to Mr Thomas Holland and family, a Banbury brewer, much looked down upon by Syd Tyrrell, our village historian and staunch Methodist, for being 'in trade' and the drinks trade at that! He was followed by Sir George Dashwood, 'an aristocrat and gentlemen.'

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by Alison Parsons

Connected Photos: AP015 | AP016

Eydon Hall

SKU: AP021

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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