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1975-1978 Group Photo of Eydon Car Club drivers and their cars.


From the left Martin ('Arthur') Bartlet, Bob Coy, John Leadbeater, Stan Platt, Fred Leadbeater, Phil Spence and Roger Coy.


The photo was taken at Fred's farm in West Farndon looking up the hill towards Eydon. The club had 8 - 9 cars at one time. The cars were sponsored by the Royal Oak, whose licensee at the time was Stan Platt, and by the Litchborough Brewery, a ground breaking microbrewery set up in 1974, which moved to Rugby in 1983.


The car were for 'Jalopy Racing', on grass in a field at the end of the runway at Chipping Warden airfield. For 3 years from 1975 Bob Coy organised the races, which took place every other Sunday afternoon during the summer, attracting quite a crowd. The club proved a stepping stone into racing for some of its members. Phil Spence, from Woodford, who became a mechanic for a professional F1 racing team and Roger Coy went on via Autocross, to race Formula Fords and later Porsches.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr John Leadbeater

Connected Photos: KL077

Eydon Car Club Group Photo

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