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The Holland family of Tom, a partner in Hunt Edmunds the brewers of Banbury and his wife Helen with their family of young children, Enid, Tom, Aubrey, Cecil, Gerald, John and Lancelot, moved into Eydon Hall in from 1891 till his death in 1908.

Syd Tyrrell's mother thought Enid was a bit of a tomboy, which, given the number of somewhat boisterous brothers in the household was probably not surprising. In 1899 she married a clergyman, the Rev. A. C. Harman. By all accounts she made a model rector's wife.

Here she is on June 10th, 1899, presumably in Eydon Hall prior to her wedding in St Nicholas Church, Eydon. Her husband, the Rev Harman, painted a picture of Eydon Hall prior to the wedding.

Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Mr Peter Harman

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Enid Lillian Holland on her Wedding Day, 1899

SKU: DK113

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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