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For three years from 1958 to 1961, Dick Syers spent all his spare time in his garden behind 5 High St.

Where other people were raising beans and potatoes, Dick was building a boat! 

Not a small sailing dingy, but a full sized canal cruiser. The boat, in which everything was hand made, was 24 foot long, fully fitted out. Here we can see Dick working on the almost finished bows, with the backs of a house in Lime Avenue visible in the background.

The story of how and why he built the boat is told in our booklet 'Boats, Bells and Blossoms' - see Publications page for details.


Photographer: Mrs Sheila Syers

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Connected Photos: KL184 | KL185

Dick Syers Builds a Boat in Eydon, 1961

SKU: KL183

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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