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Looking past Crosstree Cottages down High Street.

It may have been taken in early 1950s, as still no cars in road but there are electricity poles present. This group of cottages facing the Green were once possibly 5, combined into 3 when this photo was taken, now just two. (now 1 and 2 The Green) Beyond them, behind the tree, is Tays Close, a threshing yard for Manor Farm. It was here, where the men were having a pre-Sunday dinner chat (and smoke) on May 28th 1905, that the Great Fire of Eydon started and swept down the street away from the Green. Commercial postcard, with typed caption 'Cross Trees, Eydon'.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL047 | AP019

Cottages on Green

SKU: KL020

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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