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Tiny face or mask, only 19 by 14 (max.) by 7 mm

This was found in the allotments to the east of the High Street in 2010, along with a similar coloured, 16 mm diameter, marble. The NCC Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme saw the head on 15th Aug. 2011 and identified the material and process. She thought it was tobacco pipe clay material, shaped by being pushed into a mould. The recess at the back might be to aid the removal of the face from the mould, prior to firing.

She thought it might be the face of a rag doll, with separate hands and feet. The small size and open mouth might suggest it was meant to be a baby. Suggested dates would be after the introduction of clay pipes, so maybe 17th / 18th/ 19th century. The marble, which is surprisingly spherical, was thought to be from an old ‘pop’ bottle stopper.

Photographer Dr Kevin Lodge

Clay head/mask, maybe a dolls' face

SKU: KL306

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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