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Home Farm, Partridge Lane (now Partridge House), painted by Fredrick R. Fitzgerald, R.A.

This painting, and its companion DK070, seem to have been painted in the early 1900s. We currently do not know anything about the artist Fredrick Fitzgerald. Originally marked on back Ashby Farm, but that crossed out and this title written on, it seems to show the companion view to the left of the one shown in DK070. This shows several farm buildings at the north side of the yard. It is not certain that this is Home Farm, as although there are barns etc. in this position today, they will have changed a lot over the intervening years. The barn at the back, with its second storey windows looks more domestic that it does now, and the long single story shed in the background is now mainly reduced to a wall.

Photographer: Mr Fredrick R. Fitzgerald R.A.

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK070 | SV002

Another Painting of Home Farm, Partridge Lane

SKU: DK071

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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