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Another Aldridge family photo, see IB015 for details of why this might have been taken in 1874 - possibly one of the grandmothers of Rosetta Bromfield, and see IB016 for why this might be Charlotte Bromfield.

If it was Charlotte, she would be 69 at the time and her face looks more drawn than that of IB016. Also her hair might be white in this picture, but the identification is by no means certain. Charlotte Broomfield was married to Thomas Broomfield, a labourer of Eydon and they had 7 children, all bar the first and last girls.

She may have been his second wife, as Thomas and Mary baptised a child in 1824, the same day as a 20 year old Mary Bromfield was buried.

Charlotte died in 1887, aged 82.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Coral Fairbrother

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Another Lady's Portrait from c 1874

SKU: IB017

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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