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South end of High Street during (or after) the Great Fire of Eydon, 1905.

The view shows the burnt remains of 8 High Street, with 10 beyond it. In front of 8 High Street is the gable end of 6 High Street, also burnt out. Another view of these houses can be seen in KL012 and KL013. The houses were occupied by Sam Spencer (10 High Street), a sheep dipper who also lost a large barn of firewood (KL012), Owen Yates (8) and John Amos at 6 High Street. Water hoses can be seen running down the street from the fire engines by the pool in Eydon Hall Park. (See DK035) As usual, a crowd of onlookers remained to watch the photographer, including a youth on a nice bicycle, chatting to a maid in uniform.

A copy of this postcard, posted in the Banbury area and offered for sale on the Web, stated that the back had a message '..this is the remains of Owen's house'. See DK034a for details.

Photographer: Mr A.H Vorts (of Daventry)

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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8 and 10 High Street, Great Fire of Eydon

SKU: DK034

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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