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Snowdrops in Eydon churchyard

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  Strand Name Description
Aldridge John Aldridge came to Eydon in the 1840s as Butler to a one of the Annesley family at Eydon Hall. Dieing young in 1851, leaving wife Ann with 4 children to bring up, she started a laundry, which survived up to almost living memory. Some of the daughters married into the village.
Bricknell Sydney and Sarah Bricknell came to Eydon in the early 1890s from Middleton Cheney. Syd was gardener to Tom Holland and moved with him when he took a lease on Eydon Hall. Their sons, Sydney and Clarence, were born in the village; and Clarrie and his wife Annie ran the Royal Oak for 50 years.
Bull The Bull family were one of the oldest in the village, being amongst the first names listed in the church registers of 1540 and continue living in the village for the next four hundred years! The last baptisms are recorded before the WW1, with the older people dying out just after WW2.
Coy The Coy family came to the village at the very end of the 18th Century when John and Elizabeth Coy started their family here, which continues to this day. They have had strong links to the building trade, being skilled wood workers, carpenters and wheelwrights.
Edden The descendants of Thomas and Ester Edden lived in Eydon during the 19th Century and at one stage there were at least 5 separate households. As mainly farm labourers and probable non-conformists, they left few records and seem to have died or moved away from the village by the mid 20th century.
Esom The Esom (under many various spellings) family appeared in the village in the late 16th century. One branch acquired sufficient land to almost make it from yeomen to gentry, but in the end they sold up and moved away in the mid 18th century.
Fennell John Fennell of Kineton married Ann Eagle of Eydon in 1770 and started a family that stayed in the village for a couple of generation. They were mainly leather workers, shoemakers or cordwainers and some were United Brethren (Moravians). They moved on before the 1841 census.
Franklin The Franklins look to have been around the village for about 100 years, starting in 1770s. They are craftsmen in the main, tailors and especially coopers and carpenters. The girls appear to be generous, if unwise, having 6 illegitimate children (out of 34) in the 19th century!
Garner Moved into the village at end of 19th Century, lived initially in a court of poor houses at the top of Doctors Lane which got destroyed in the fire of 1905. William lost £20 worth of goods in the fire. His descendants continued to live in the village up to the second half of the 20th century.
Hines The Hines (or the Hins, Hind, Hinds, Hine, Heyne, or even Haynes) family have been in the village for at least 150 years, possibly longer. They seem to have been mainly tradesmen, blacksmiths and butchers particularly, rather than farmers. They had moved away from the village by mid 19th century.
Hinton The Hinton family lived in the village for about 100 years from the 1800s to 1910. They were mainly agricultural labourers.
Kench An Eydon family of builders. In the early 1840s Thomas Carpenter Kench, the illegitimate son born in 1808 to Patience Carpenter of Charlbury, came to Eydon to set up in business as a plumber and decorator. Four generations of the family lived in High Street, Eydon.
Taylor Robert Taylor, born 1806 in Byfield, married Hannah Coy. Was a blacksmith but bought Royal Oak in 1836. Was still a blacksmith in 1841, victualler in 1851, out of village 1861 then ran Royal Oak till his death 1878. His youngest daughter, Elizabeth, ran the pub until after WW1.
Tew The Tew family have been in Eydon from at least the early 16th century up to the start of the 19th. They were prolific and during the early 16th century had at least 6 separate households. They had moderate land holdings but seem to have specialised in stone working on Barnetts Hill.

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Photograph of snowdrops in Eydon churchyard courtesy of Caroline Bedford.


Eydon Family History Photographs